Behavior Tracking


This app provides parents, therapists, teachers and caregivers the ability to track self-injurious behaviors and aggression displayed by those with autism or other behavioral challenges.

It streamlines the data-collection process for these challenges. Instead of manually tracking these occurrences using counters, clickers, and/or handwritten data. The user can simply click the + button to record and track the number of occurrences within specific time frames.

The App can be customized to track data sets through a variety of interval options ( Current hour, 15 mins, 30 mins, hourly, daily, monthly or custom ranges ).

The App eliminates the need for data sheets, clipboards, clickers, timers etc. which are cumbersome at home and in schools but especially out in the community.

All data collection can be done on a smartphone or other electronic device and printed.

Custom HTML5 programming means the App displays perfectly on any device.

Reports and Graphs are generated from the data providing the users with ability to analyze and observe trends over hours, days, months, and even years.

Recording Events

Record image


  • Push a button to record events
    • Event and time is sent to the database
    • "Time since" is displayed for the last event
    • A total count for each event is displayed for a configurable amount of time
  • Tantrum Toggle button
    • Click when a tantrum occurs; click again when it ends
    • Displays length of current tantrum
    • Displays time since last tantrum
    • Tantrum start and end times are recorded to the database


  • Display a chart of events
    • View events for a single day or a range of dates
    • View event counts by minutes, daily, hourly, monthly, yearly
    • Zoom and pan chart
    • Downloadable chart image
  • Downloadable weekly report
    • Download Excel worksheets by event groups
    • Displays total group counts by day and hour
    • Option to display breakdown of events in the cell or as a cell comment
    • Hours that include tantrums are red cells and include tantrum lengths


Graph image